Lord of the Flies: Movie Version

Lord of the Flies: Movie Version

Study Guide compares the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding to the movie Lord of the Flies (1990) This is the most accessible film version of the book via DVD and streaming. Even though the movie leaves out the parachutist, turns the British schoolboys into Americans, and invents the character of Captain Benson, the basic plot, setting, symbols, characters, and group dynamics are the same as the book. Quiz and answer key included.

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The Common Core Standards call for comparing the novel text to a different version, especially a film version. Movie Version study guides provide reliable information about the comparison to know if student responses are accurate. 20 multiple choice questions and answer key included. 

Digitally download the movie version study guide today to find out how the movie is not like the book.

ISBN 978-1-937714-03-1

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