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MovieVersion Questions
What is

Movie Version is an online resource that supports understanding literature using modern media. Movie Version Study Guides are downloaded by students, teachers, and anyone seeking a better understanding of literature by watching the movie of the book.

How do Movie Version study guides work?

Each Movie Version study guide describes every scene in the film in chronological order. If something is not in the book you will see notations (ERROR: Not in the book) or (ACCURATE). Other differences in characters, plots and themes are discussed in the characters and analysis sections following the movie summary. In addition, Movie Version study guides contain chapter by chapter summaries of the book for a detailed description of what really happened.

Will Movie Version study guides work with any movie of the book?

No. The Movie Version study guide applies only to the movie we recommend. The chapter summaries of the book will work with any movie.

How do you select which movie version is best?

We try to choose a recent film when possible and one that is widely available on DVD or via online streaming. Sometimes there is only one film version. If we have a choice between a 4-6 hour mini-series of the book or a 90 minute film, we go with the shorter movie. We try to select color films, but an older black-and-white movie is sometimes the best choice. No movie is exactly like the book. Filmmakers freely alter plot, characters, and settings of every movie. That’s why you need a Movie Version study guide to compare the movie and the book.

Should I read the Movie Version study guide first or watch the movie first?

If you are pressed for time and can watch the movie only once, you can multi-task.  As you watch, use Pause while you refer to the study guide to find out what really happened in the book. If you have time to read the Movie Version chapter summaries of the book before you watch the movie, it will help, but referring to the Movie Version study guide as you watch works pretty well. If the Movie Version study guide indicates that a chapter has been omitted from the film, you need to take a look at the Movie Version chapter summary of the book to find out what happened.

Can I read a sample before purchasing it?

Yes. Click on View Sample on the product detail page under each title to view a FREE sample.

I purchased a digital download, how do I download it?

After your purchase and on the PayPal receipt page, click on CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD link. You will be able to digitally download PDF attachments for your selected title(s) instantly. You will only receive an email receipt from PayPal.

Can I use Movie Version study guides to write a school paper?

All Movie Version study guides are copyrighted. To use sentences from our products without crediting the Movie Version study guide as a reference source is illegal and plagiarism.

I purchased a Movie Version study guide and didn't receive it. What do I do?

First, check both your inbox and spam email folders. Then, contact us with your PayPal order number.  

Can I buy a printed copy of a Movie Version study guide?

No. Movie Version study guides are available in digital download format only. Movie Version study guides are auto-delivered wirelessly to any device from

Can Movie Version study guides be returned?

No, due to the nature of the product, we cannot accept returns.

Who writes Movie Version study guides?

Our products are written by professional writers, teachers, and experts in literature. Our in-house staff fact checks, edits, and proofreads all material.