"Love Grammardog!  It uses a great selection of widely taught literature pieces to integrate or bolster grammar instruction.  Using keystone texts as examples really helps students connect to texts from an author’s craft perspective.  I love using them as warm-up exercises, test reviews, or tickets-out-the-door."
Jennifer O. is an English Teacher in Knoxville, Tennessee

"So useful for teachers everywhere - a great grammatical tool for students!"
Mary P. is a lover of literature in Charlottesville, Virginia

"Thank you for all your work in making the beauty of our language accessible to students."
Christine S. is an English Teacher in Washington, Connecticut

" I really appreciated the quality of all of your materials and used them extensively in my own classes."
Cynthia D. is an English Teacher in Chicago, Illinois

"When I tried out the quizzes on students in the fall, the results were amazing. After taking tests on three titles, they GOT IT. The format was instructive. Students started to recognize alliteration, sensory imagery and metaphors as they read the books. The grammar quizzes improved their writing."
- Mary M. is an English Teacher in San Angelo, Texas