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The only multiple choice quizzes that use sentences from literature.
Easily Teach Literature, Grammar, Style and Proofreading at the same time and in context!
* Perfect for Distance/Remote Learning or Homeschooling. *




English Teachers in more than 20 countries love our quizzes.


"Love Grammardog! It uses a great selection of widely taught literature pieces to integrate or bolster grammar instruction. Using keystone texts as examples really helps students connect to texts from an author’s craft perspective. I love using them as warm-up exercises,
test reviews, or tickets-out-the-door."
- Jennifer O.
English Teacher in Knoxville, Tennessee


"When I tried out the quizzes on students in the fall, the results were amazing. After taking tests on three titles, they GOT IT. The format was instructive. Students started to recognize alliteration, sensory imagery and metaphors as they read the books. The grammar quizzes improved their writing."
- Mary M.
English Teacher in San Angelo, Texas



An Easy Way To Support and Check Analytical Thinking and Reading!


Grammardog Teacher's Guides are classroom reproducible.
Each guide includes an Answer Key, a Glossary of Grammar Terms and/or a Glossary of Literary Terms. View a sample of each title in our shop.



Excellent Teaching Tools, Providing the Basis for Thoughtful, Engaging Activities for your Students.

Grammardog Teacher's Guides use sentences from literature. 
Titles include novels, short stories, plays, poems, essays, and non-fiction.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS), State-Specific Standards (eg TEKS, SOLs), Advanced Placement (AP)

Each Teacher's Guide has more than 125 multiple choice questions:

- 8 grammar and proofreading quizzes that use sentences from middle school/high school core curriculum

Teach Grammar in context

  • Parts of Speech
  • Phrases
  • Capitalization, Punctuation, Spelling
  • Verbals
  • Simple, Compound, Complex Sentences
  • Clauses Complements

- 8 style quizzes that use sentences containing figurative language, sensory imagery, poetic devices, allusions

Teach Style in context

Figurative Language - Sensory Imagery — Poetic Devices — Allusions — Style Analysis Passages

Use for instruction, assessment, review, close reading analysis and daily quizzes. Great as a diagnostic tool and practice for state tests, ACT, SAT, and AP tests.

What is the best way to use a Grammardog Teacher's Guide?

Best practices include the following classroom use of Grammardog Teacher's Guides:

  • As quizzes, tests and exams
  • As a diagnostic tool for grammar, style, spelling, capitalization and punctuation
  • As practice for state tests, AP tests, the ACT and SAT
  • As a review of grammar, style and proofreading
  • As an introduction to specific grammar elements, figurative language or literary devices
  • As a springboard for class discussion of an author’s style
  • As a tool for analyzing grammar and style in context
  • As ready-made lessons for teaching how to write literary analysis
  • As a tool to improve reading comprehension of challenging material such as Shakespeare plays, classic novels, essays and poetry
  • As an easy way to compare different authors’ styles
  • As a tool to get reluctant readers to engage the text in a book, short story, play, essay or poem

Grammardog Teacher's Guides are classroom reproducible.
Each guide includes an Answer Key, a Glossary of Grammar Terms and/or a Glossary of Literary Terms.


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